AIRFLOW – Revolutionary dental technology now at d-spa

A new addition to all 5 of our clinics is the EMS AIRFLOW. This a big investment to our hygiene department. It is the way we are going to be cleaning teeth moving forward. Some of our patients would of already experienced their most recent clean with this
for others it will be included in your next appointment.

The Swiss made AIRFLOW Prophylaxis Master was developed with more than 100,000 hours of technical and clinical testing in collaboration with leading dental professionals all over the world.

The AIRFLOW is a much gentler and more comfortable for the patient than the traditional way of cleaning teeth. It eliminates the need for full mouth ultrasonic and hand scale cleaning.

Oral Health is so important to the rest of the body and the biofilm (bacteria) in our mouth can affect the rest of our body as it causes inflammation and other systemic diseases. Therefore, there has been a shift from not only removing calculus from the
teeth and gums to overall removal of biofilm.

Therefore, the technology of Guided Biofilm Therapy is a process where we apply plaque disclosing gel to every patient, this shows us where the plaque is. It is important that the patient visually understands what areas in the mouth they are missing when brushing. Research has shown that the AIRFLOW removes 50% more bacteria then ultrasonic and hand scaling and it’s the only way we can be sure we are removing 100% of the biofilm on patients’ teeth. It is such a great investment and gives us as clinician’s piece of mind that we are providing the very best of care to all our patients.

The AIRFLOW is a mix of air, powder and water that spritzes plaque and soft calculus off teeth it has been shown the be less abrasive than prophy paste leaving soft and hard tissues unharmed. One of the things we have found that our patients love is no more cold-water causing sensitivity as the machine warms the water its like a spa bath for our mouth.

The machine comes with a specific Perio tip which can reach those deeper areas we need to reach. It only reaches its full capacity when it detects calculus and as the powder is water soluble, we don’t have to worry about our patients swallowing the
powder. It can be used around implants and other fixed appliances.

The process from start to finish is slightly quicker than traditional cleaning as it’s so effective and we only hand scale and ultrasonic selectively as the plaque disclosing shows us exactly where the biofilm is. We believe this is the gold standard in preventative care and we are so excited to be able to offer this service to all our patients.