Be all-around healthy

Research shows that oral health is intimately linked with general health and wellbeing

It’s been suggested for many years that oral health impacts on a person’s overall health, and consequently, their quality of life. And now, new research supports what we have deemed to be true: Oral health and general health are intimately linked.

Think about it. Oral health has the power to affect people physically and mentally. Oral hygiene and the appearance of your teeth influence how you look, grow, eat, speak and chew. It will control how you feel, what you eat, and the way you socialise. More importantly, it has the power to cause you pain and undesirable problems in other body parts.

Bacteria alert

Since gum disease is a bacterial infection in your mouth, it has the potential to enter the bloodstream which may instigate chronic health complications such as diabetes, respiratory problems, a stroke or heart disease.

These chronic health issues of course are quite extreme and worse case scenarios of what mouth problems can lead to. Take a look at everyday problems and the impact of poor dental hygiene will really hit home.

Toothaches lead to children staying home from school, which is a key indicator of a child being sick. Dental problems can also make chewing rather painful, whether it be enduring dental abscesses or missing teeth altogether. This impacts on a person’s chewing and affects their dietary intake. They may not be getting enough fibre and nutrient-rich foods if they compromise nutritional intake. Therefore, the inability to chew can lead to other health issues such as obesity, anorexia or malnutrition.

A quick fix

If you do suffer from discoloured teeth, bad breathe, loose teeth, jaw degeneration, abscesses or any other sign of poor oral hygiene, it’s never too late to restore your mouth to normal health.

Dentists, hygienists and technicians have the ability to transform poor oral aesthetics into a pain-free and fabulous smile you can be proud of. Modern techniques and treatments such as porcelain veneers, crowns, bridges, dentures, braces, professional whitening and implants all make it possible.

At the end of the day, make it a priority to maintain great oral hygiene. Continue daily brushing and flossing, coupled with a half-yearly dental assessment. This is your best bet for staying healthy all around and preventing any unwanted cavities or oral problems from occurring.