d-spa Community & Sustainability

Our D-spa group has long been an advocate in reducing carbon footprint. For us, this is an area that can be quite challenging within a healthcare-based setting. Working to high infection control standards, the need for single use items, plastic barriers and Personal Protective Equipment is essential. Since becoming a ‘Green Clinic’ 3 years ago, our practices have introduced several initiatives such as Terracycle PPE waste boxes which allow our dental clinical and support team to dispose of all masks, overgowns and gloves in a wastebox which is then sent to Terracycle for processing; recyclable-based items such as pellets are then produced. From March to September 2021, we had recycled approximately 450 kgs of PPE, avoiding those items from ending up in landfill. We also have yellow and red Ecobins placed in our clinics, allowing our team to carefully separate recyclable waste into the appropriate bins.

Our green captains situated at each practice, ensure that our green habits and movement are maintained throughout. The idea is to reduce, re-use and recycle where possible – it is our responsibility to the world.


Fact: Did you know that our practices act as a community recycling point, allowing for the wider community to drop off their used toothpaste tubes, plastic toothbrushes, and empty floss cases, to be processed and recycled?