Introducing Dsmile- Australia’s first professional subscription-based dental kit.

Dsmile is a new, subscription-based, daily 3-step ritual designed to enhance your health and wellbeing. ⁠

Based on the simple premise of⁠ Brush + Floss + Rinse, Dsmile aims to inspire habit change via the visual cue of contemporary design.

Each refillable Dsmile kit includes detachable toothbrush heads and reusable handles, toothpaste, a floss dispenser with inter-changeable reel, mouthwash concentrate vessel and a bespoke dish.⁠

Dsmile is not only intelligently designed and beautifully crafted in its aesthetic, but also in its professional formulation and subscription-based delivery.

d-spa patients can buy a Dsmile starter kit in clinic at our South Yarra and Port Melbourne locations. Alternatively, you can visit Dsmile online: https://dsmile.com/