Keep Track…Get Back

Many health fund members don’t realise that their private health insurance includes dental benefits. More importantly, they are unaware that any unused benefits from this year may not be carried over by their health insurance provider at the end of the year. So these benefits are simply lost!

  • *So do you need a clean and polish?
  • *Need a treatment that you have been putting off?
  • *Haven’t visited the dentist in a while?

Well… get what you are entitled to, stay as healthy as possible, save your money in the long-run and most importantly don’t wait for the pain to start first.

What do I have to do?

Simply follow these 3 simple steps:

1. Contact Your Health Fund

Does your coverage include dental benefits, and what is remaining?

2. Make An Appointment

Call us and we will find the closest suitable appointment to meet your needs

3. Bring Your Card

At the end of your appointment we will process your rebate using your Health Fund Members’ card so don’t forget to bring it!

For questions about our services or making an appointment, please contact us. To check what benefits you have remaining in 2014 please contact your health insurer.