Children’s Dentistry

Early intervention leads to a healthier smile for life.

At Melbourne MD, we believe that early detection and treatment promote ideal oral health; which in turn influences systemic well-being. Our team strives to provide your child with a positive dental experience by making visits both interactive and fun! We believe that ‘Prevention is better than cure’ and the earlier we see your child, the more likely to educate and prevent problems occurring. Hence, we encourage children to visit us for regular 6-monthly check-ups as early as 2 years of age.

Your Child’s First Appointment

It all begins with the first appointment. We encourage parents to prepare their child prior to their dental appointments. Reading ‘dental’ books, watching movies and ‘role playing’ at home in preparation can be beneficial to build confidence in your child. Avoid using the dentist as a ‘scare tactic’ as this creates a negative impression on the child and will be very difficult to overcome in the future.

We like to keep it simple for the initial appointment. A thorough examination is performed to detect any early decay and/or orthodontic concerns. This includes taking digital films and possibly a very gentle clean & polish if tartar or plaque is detected. If further treatment is required, we then arrange future visits at a convenient time.

Our Equipment

We treat your children as our own.

Our clinic is equipped with state of the art equipment and modern technology to assure the highest quality treatment for your child. Our professionally trained staff are delighted to welcome you and your family. We look forward to making a positive and lasting impression on your child.

Caring For Baby Teeth

Baby Dental health is extremely important especially for mothers with babies. Tooth decay is an infection. Sharing food, spoons and pacifiers with your baby can transfer bacteria (germs) that cause tooth decay. Germs and sugary food left in a baby’s mouth can eat holes in the teeth called cavities.

  • Sugar is in many food and beverages including soda, juice, sweet tea, baby food, and formula and breast milk. You pass germs on to your baby when you share food, forks, spoons, straws or toothbrushes. Licking a pacifier covers it with germs, also!
  • Clean your baby’s gums and any teeth after feeding and at bedtime. Use a clean, damp washcloth or child’s soft toothbrush. This will wipe away food and even germs. Do this even if you can’t see the teeth yet.
  • Avoid passing germs to your baby’s mouth. Don’t put food, forks, spoons, straws, toothbrushes or pacifiers in your mouth before giving it to your baby. Ask grandparents or daycare providers not to share germs, too.
  • Visit the dental hygienist to get your teeth cleaned and dentist to get any tooth decay treated. This will cut down on the germs in your mouth, leaving fewer germs to pass on to your baby.
  • Healthy teeth for a healthy body.

Child Dental Benefits Schedule

Redeem the Federal Government’s program allowing $1000 Free Dental for eligible kids at Melbourne MD. Learn more here.